What Moms Really Do In The Bathroom…FREE Kid Printable

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Have you ever experienced as a mom that when you go to the bathroom that within five to ten minutes of you being in there, you hear knocking on the other side of the door followed by your children saying “open up I gotta pee” or asking you “mom what are you doing in there?!”

If it’s has happened to me, I’m sure it has happened to a few of you and I’m positive that it will continue to happen to mothers until the end of time.  As a matter of fact, I have NEVER noticed my kids run to the bathroom, bang on the door, and ask their dad what he is doing in the bathroom when he goes.  There is something about a mom being behind bathroom closed doors that bring kids running.

Nevertheless, as mothers we are relentless we keep going to the bathroom each time optimistic that we will be able to have that experience alone without any interruptions.

But wait, why do our children ask us what we are doing while we are in the bathroom?  They know, if potty trained what is supposed to happen when you go to the bathroom.

The answer is because they are smart!  Our children watch us and see how we maneuver throughout the house each day picking up this or that, cooking, preparing their meals, washing clothes, folding laundry, answering the phone, changing diapers.

They just intuitively know that something else must be occurring aside from moms going to the potty, their curious minds want to know what is really happening.

Are they right? Well, yes, for the most part, most busy moms on occasion take an opportunity to escape to the bathroom and find themselves:


Hearing mother, mommy, momma, ma, or MOM yelled about one trillion times throughout the day is normal for mothers.  However, most experienced moms have mastered the ability to toon out the non-urgent or unnecessary cries for her without blinking an eye.

The very children who you would go to the ends of the earth to protect, and absolutely adore are the very ones who will fill in every nook and cranny of your life with their very own needs and desires.

I can’t imagine I am the only mom who hasn’t escaped to the bathroom to be alone or for a second of quiet time. When you have young children that you care for, your time is no longer a luxury to be squandered on whatever your heart desires.

In my opinion, escaping to the bathroom for that brief moment of privacy although nice is probably not the only way busy moms should try to fit in some me-time.

Other ways busy moms can find time alone are by:

  • Getting up earlier, in my post, The Benefits of Waking Up Early you will discover that in rising up earlier than your children you will relish in the alone time that you need along with several other benefits.


  • Explain to your children that you need mommy time.  This works better of course if you have older children for obvious reasons. Let them know that it’s important for mom to have at least 20 minutes of R&R (rest and reboot) time.  During these 20 minutes, have your children do a craft or activity that they can work independently on.   If you have infants, when they go down for naps then take advantage of that time as your rest and reboot period.


  • Take opportunities to run errands alone. If you have a spouse at home or another adult in the home that can oversee your children while you go to the grocery store, dry cleaners or wherever, try and go alone.  This will give you an opportunity for time alone that you will appreciate and enjoy.


Please don’t misunderstand that while in the bathroom experiencing a small window of silence, moms are naturally multi-taskers.

Therefore, aside from using the toilet, we also are going to take time to tidy up. Small things such as pick up dirty clothes off the bathroom floor, organize and clean off the sink, replace the empty roll of toilet paper with a new roll, clean the toothpaste stained bathroom mirror, things like that.

This period of spending time in the bathroom honestly is a wee bit annoying and frustrating because 98 percent of the time the dirty clothes on the floor aren’t mine, nor did I spin the last sheet of toilet paper off the roll before exiting the bathroom or wildly brush my teeth and leave toothpaste watermarks all over the bathroom mirror.

No, there often is another culprit in my home who has left this trail of untidiness.  However, if this is happing in your home it opens up a great opportunity to implement a chore checklist for your children.

If you don’t already have a daily chores checklist you can go here to print off my free kid’s daily chores checklist.  Using this checklist will help engage your kids in helping out and minimize the time you spend tiding up when visiting the lavatory.


What really happens for moms in the bathroom is a time of reflection.  There are times as a mom I have found myself staring in the bathroom mirror thinking about the list of things that I still need to do, questioning if I’m going to do my hair that day if I look older or if I’m just tired and need more sleep.

Some days depending on how busy the day I stand in the middle of the bathroom concentrating in trying to remember what item I came into the bathroom to retrieve or simply what day it is.

I am a SAHM and 100 percent of the time when I decide to do my hair put on a little bit of makeup and a cute mommy outfit I feel absolutely like a different woman!  Even if you have no errands to run and if feeling overwhelmed, try getting spruced up a little it will make you feel a bit more alive and ready to take on the tasks ahead.  Again it works for me.


What really happens for moms in the bathroom is the opportunity to scroll through our phones. Some moms while getting ready for the day, listen to music while others watch televisions in their bathroom.  Although I admit I’m guilty that after showering I  watch a little of my favorite YouTube family channels.

WARNING:  I will have to say although, in theory, it’s ok watching videos of other people living their lives openly on social media platforms.  It can be dangerous when you start to compare your family experience to someone else’s life portrayal on social media.  Remember you’re seeing about a 15 -30-minute video of selected windows of their lives.  Never forget people upload on the world-wide-web what they want people to see and believe.  

No one no matter how fancy the house, car or how much money they have escape trials and difficulties.

As a mom, we get to create our own beautiful experiences with our families.  Experiences that are blessings and unique to us, that should never to be compared with any other.


What really happens when moms go to the bathroom is prayer.  I have lost count of the times that I have stolen away to the quietness of the bathroom to pray.  Whether it be to pray for a situation that has just come up or feeling overwhelmed from being a busy mom and I need an extra portion of HIS strength.  Many tears have been shed by mothers who have sent up heartfelt prayers in the comfort of their very own bathroom.

Becoming a praying mom is so vitally important no matter where it’s done. If you are not familiar with praying for your family here are seven powerful scriptures to pray over your family.

Well, there it is the Busy Mom Chronicles What Really Happens In The Bathroom.  The next time your little one knocks on the door and asks “mom what are you doing in there”, and you’re engaging in one of the above activities just remember this post, smile, chuckle and say “going to the potty honey, I will be right there.”


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