FUN Stay-At-Home Date Ideas For Couples

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In my recent blog post, 5 Steps To Restore Happiness Back In Your Marriage I mentioned that step 4 was the one that rings true for a lot of couples.  Setting aside time for one another amidst all the commitments, deadlines, and daily routines can be challenging to say the least.

I get it and I’ve been there, the calendar is full, the days are long, traffic is a beast and trying to fit in going on a date with your love can seem like a huge task.  For most going out on a date after the end of a long trying day is a desire but far less done.


Fortunately no longer does going out on a date have to be just a mere desire.  Having a stay-at-home date is a fantastic and creative way for you to be able to spend time nurturing your relationship with the one you love.  A stay-at-home date also offers these benefits:

  • Convenient
  • Flexible
  • No waiting lines
  • Inexpensive
  • At home Privacy
  • Avoid Traffic
  • No babysitter required


A relaxing time together spent at your very own at-home spa allows you to treat each other with a body massage, pedicure, and or manicure!  Setting the mood and atmosphere is key in receiving the full benefit of this stay-at-home date.  Although optional incorporating nice relaxing music, aromatherapy candles, and luxury soft robes for two will make the experience very authentic.

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Who doesn’t like to play a good competitive board game or hand of cards?  If you have never spent time with your spouse doing this, then I encourage you to try it at least once.  Although fun I never knew how competitive my husband was until I challenged him in a game of checkers.

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Ok, is it just me or is going to the movie theatre and buying refreshments sort of expensive? Why not enjoy a movie and nice refreshments on your own comfy furniture at a fraction of the cost. 

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Ok, I know we are living in a different era and who has a jukebox in their home but the concept is still fun.  Play tunes that were popular when you first met and see who can remember and sing most of the lyrics to each song.  Make some rootbeer floats and dance away!


This is a two for one kind of stay-at-home date in my opinion if you factor in preparing and cooking dinner together.   To what extreme you take this date is entirely up to you.  Dress-up in formal attire and eat by candlelight or have dinner on the sofa in pajamas.  It’s entirely up to you!


This can be done each night in the comfort of your own bed.   I did this with my husband during a long road trip one time and it was great.  Granted he drove and I was the only one reading but we both loved it.  I spiced it up by changing my voice and accent to reflect differences of the characters in the book to make it really fun!



Maybe this is thinking out of the box sort of stay-at-home date for some but remember the point is to spend quality time.  This stay-at-home date idea will allow each of you to learn things about one another that will have you both surprised and planning your next excursion.


Prepare a picnic basket with favorite foods and take a blanket and layout and enjoy each others company

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This stay-at-home date can actually be incorporated along with the picnic in the yard idea.  After eating dinner lie under the stars and each one of you tells your version of how you met.

You might be surprised and have a good laugh at hearing how versions can change over the years.  I love my husband but when he tells his version I brace myself and let him have his fun. Lovingly, each time I am betrayed more and more as if I was a stalker in the beginning.  Of course, my version is the correct one and rest assured there was no stalking involved.

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These are certainly just a few ideas, but just enough to get you motivated in planning your very own fun stay-at-home couple date!



47 thoughts on “FUN Stay-At-Home Date Ideas For Couples

  1. Great article! My husband and I have become big fans of stay at home dates. For us it’s more laid back and less hassle. Did I mention budget friendly?! Haha. Our favorite is have a “nice” game of scrabble, trivia games, or Yahtzee!

    I like the jukebox idea! Will have to be our next date! Thanks!

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  2. My hubby and I will be having a date night from home this Friday night and plan to have a candle light dinner with crab legs and a movie. I will definitely keep these other tips in mind. Thank you for sharing!!


  3. These ideas are so cute 🙂 We recently implemented weekly date night – sometimes out, sometimes in. It took us some time to figure out how crucial this is after babies, but we are really enjoying it now 🙂 We will enjoy the picnic and movie night in! Thanks!

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  4. Finding some way to snuggle in together is a favorite. Now that it’s spring, I am looking forward to when it is finally warm enough for us to have a fire outside again.

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  5. I like the idea of card/ board games. I think that would be fun. My husband usually just watch a movie and have snacks. I like the idea of a bucket list, too. And honestly, I prefer dates-in rather than going out and spending too much, getting home late, or having to worry about who is going to watch the kids! Thanks for sharing!

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  6. These are great ideas! We have three kids , so I hesitate to ask for babysitters. We used to order Applebees carside to go, but they closed it down. Grubhub has been our friend lately. We love to sit and watch movies together.

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  7. Wow, love these ideas! It is so important to stay connected in our marriages … and let’s face it, sometimes that is hard with kids, work, activities, etc. These simple and inexpesive ideas are totally doable and fun, thanks for sharing!!

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  8. With 3 little ones at home, I love this list because it is not always easy for us to leave (or way too expensive for babysitters all the time)! Thanks for the great ideas!

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  9. These are great ideas! I love date nights with my hubby. He always insisted on regular date nights when our kids were younger and it has stuck. I think those date nights have kept our marriage strong all these years! 🙂

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  10. These are such good ideas! My husband and I rarely get to “go out” for a date, so when we get time to ourselves, we usually just watch TV and eat snacks after the kids go to bed. But I love the idea of making that time together more special and intimate. I especially liked what you said about reading a book together or stargazing. Those sound like great stay at home date ideas.

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