Come and see My Blogs New Look!

If you are here visiting my page for the first time then this blog post more than likely is irrelevant to you, BUT…WELCOME!  I am so pleased when newcomers come to my website.  I would love for you to stick around, read some of my blog posts, and click the like and follow button in order to continue along on my journey.


I get really excited when someone has decided to click the like button on one of my blog posts and take that next step and follow me.  Trust me when it happens I’m smiling and or possibly screaming “WOO HOO!” with hands in the air.  It’s just the affirmation I need that this is all not in vain.

Now for those of you who have been here before, THANK YOU for coming back!  You will notice that my website looks a bit different and I really hope you like the new look.


I  really didn’t like the look of my old website and couldn’t wait to change it.   To me, the home page appeared a bit busy and every time I viewed it, I just wasn’t satisfied.

The procrastination of me not changing it sooner is due to there being so many different themes to pick from…uh.

Every time I tried to pick something new I would just get overwhelmed and put it off another day.  However, I kept thinking to myself if I don’t like the way my website looks then why should I expect others to.  So this time around I was determined to choose one and so I decided on this format.

I do hope you all like the change because not only does it need to be pleasing to me I believe it’s important for my readers to like it as well.

As always I would appreciate your feedback, please let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Memories For Tomorrow



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