Seeing Clearly Through The Trials & Difficulties

How To see

As  I was sitting in a two-hour seminar one evening, it was there when after listening to the speaker for an hour my thoughts drifted and I started to think about raindrops on foggy glasses.

I recalled a time when my daughter came back into our house from walking her dog one cold stormy morning.  She came into my bedroom still dressed in her outerwear, sat on the side of my bed while I was in the bathroom and proceeded to talk to me as I continued to look straight into my bathroom mirror washing my face.

Her tone was somewhat monotone and after a few minutes passed,  I turned to give her my full attention, and as my eyes locked eyes with hers, I immediately erupted into uncontrollable laughter. You see my daughter’s glasses had fogged up when she came back into the house and all I could see were two teeny tiny pupils surrounded by white foggy residue on her spectacles peering back at me.  The condensation from her raindrops on foggy glasses distorted her appearance causing her to look pretty ridiculous in my opinion.

You can imagine the confused and dazed look my daughter gave me as I tried to explain and apologize for rudely interrupting her, all the while still laughing.   I quickly grabbed my makeup palette with a mirror attached and turned it towards her so that she could see for herself what I found so amusing.  My daughter briefly chuckled, shrugged and said: “Oh yeah, funny”.

I got to thinking though, isn’t that like life sometimes?  Have you ever tried to look through a pair of foggy glasses or fog on a car windshield?  It’s hard to see things ahead, isn’t it?  Sometimes rain comes and fog appears out of nowhere and it gets frustrating as you attempt to try and wipe away the condensation to make heads or tails as to what is in front of you.

Trials and difficulties can be that way; they can come and obstruct your view making it sometimes difficult to see how to move forward.  But unlike my daughter, I saw the change and it stirred up and uncontrollable reaction, my demeanor changed and I lost focus of what was at hand.  However, my daughter was not oblivious to the change in her current condition but also was not moved by the temporary interference, realizing that it soon would pass.

We all will have experienced our share of trials, difficulties, and disappointments at some point, possibly struggling, stumbling and attempting to wipe away the obstructions in our paths.

Nevertheless, like my daughter wearing her raindrops on foggy glasses, we can be at peace knowing that eventually, the rain will pass and the fog will fade, allowing a clearer view as it was before.


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