Blogging Anxiety…The 3 Triggers You Want To Avoid

Blogging Anxiety

If you’re new here on my blog you may not know that my purpose on my platform is to encourage and motivate others in every aspect of their life.  All while staying positive and creating their best memories for tomorrow.

Therefore being a motivational blogger, anxiety is a topic that maybe I should not know a lot about, right?  Because one might conclude that in motivating others to live their best life, I should have it all figured out, and maybe not have a lot to share on this topic.

Well, for me in the beginning, something that I found so much joy in at first, quickly turned into me stressing about the do’s and don’ts of what I was doing. I became obsessed with several technical aspects of blogging.   Is my format right, was my title intriguing, is the heading perfect, was my content interesting, etc? Fortunately, it wasn’t very long before I recognized that what I was doing to myself wasn’t necessarily productive and that I was losing sight of my initial and primary purpose in writing.

I was on a fast track of taking the joy out of my blogging experience and turning it into a race for time to make my blog an overnight success.  Which in turn created a lot of anxiety for me.

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In all fairness, I believe no matter how positive your outlook is on life,  it is human nature that at one point you may feel eager or slightly worried that despite all your efforts, your blog is not growing and possibly no one cares. But becomes an issue when you stay lingering in that stressful mental space for too long.

When I started writing I wanted to write-sharing what was on my mind, promoting positivity, motivating others and building a community with others and vice versa.  No anxiety, no second-guessing my purpose, just simply joy, and freedom of expression.

Well shortly after came along:

  • The first trigger –  Looking at the number of followers that other bloggers have.  

Do yourself a favor and don’t do this, because once I started paying attention to how many followers other bloggers had; and that it was in the hundreds, even thousands I immediately started to feel ANXIETY.   In the beginning, there I sat, a blogger for six full days and only nine FOLLOWERS! And two of those were family members.

Remember I started out excited to have a platform to write and share and encourage, I was floating on the clouds only five days earlier.  What was it about seeing those high following counts that made me feel like I was failing?  I mean who was I failing, certainly not my nine followers they had vested interest, they were on board!

  • Second trigger: Binging on posts, articles, and videos about the “how to’s” of blogging  (a huge one for me)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with educating yourself on how to be a better blogger in every way imaginable.  I actually think it’s important to do this. However, please be prepared to experience information overload.

The internet is full of awesome and beneficial information about starting a blog and transforming it into being lucrative or whatever you imagine it to be.  But trust me, you will want to take your time as you dive into this sea of information.

If not, you may fall into the trap like me, and start to feel unqualified, defeated and a bit of ANXIETY.  Consequently slipping into the self-destructive mode of saying to yourself, I need to implement everything now, no more wasting time sleeping, everybody is doing this already what are you waiting for…I’m so behind!

  • Third trigger:  Looking at my stats A LOT! 

Honestly, it was exciting to check out this feature with its bar graphs and different cells of information.  Nevertheless, I found myself looking at it every few minutes for the first 2 weeks into blogging.  If I posted something, a few minutes later I was wide-eyed eagerly visiting my stats to see what kind of traffic I was getting.  If I wasn’t getting any, you guessed it…ANXIETY crept in. Followed up with the thought that I was already failing.

Of course it’s important to see and experience growth; however, take your time and enjoy each moment of your experience no matter how slow or fast the pace.

I have had to remind myself of this throughout my blogging journey.  Building relationships with others who eventually will become followers who look forward to reading your content will TAKE TIME. 

Anxiety affects the way you think, feel and behave and it’s important to recognize the negative impacts it plays on your blogging experience early on so that you can avoid feeling defeated, discouraged or the urge to quit.

Yes, making the necessary changes to experience growth is important, but not in exchange for unsettling anxiety.  I recognized early on that the three triggers listed above led to my anxiety in blogging and therefore was able to change my tactics and successfully was able to release the anxiety and start blogging with freedom and joy all over again.

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23 thoughts on “Blogging Anxiety…The 3 Triggers You Want To Avoid

  1. Oh my gosh!! 😳 I can relate to your post so much that it’s not even funny! I, too, experienced these exact same anxieties during my first year of blogging! As time progressed, I learned a lot of lessons when it came to blogging.
    Now here I am a year later with a new blog but this time self hosted and I’m applying every lesson I learned to it ! Constantly watching those blog stats will eventually STRESS YOU OUT! I actually just wrote a post on this exact topic two days ago! You should check it out and tell me what you think!
    By the way, my name is Jessica and I run a blog that thrives on self love/self care, mental health tips, blogging tips, tricks and more! I’d LOVE to connect with you here through WordPress! 💛

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  2. I read a few of your posts and I defintely think you have a wonderul blog.
    Very common anxieties that you mentioned.
    Anxiety comes when you worry.
    I say just be yourself and be proud of work and the followers and high stats come over time.
    You can’t influence every blogger but I gurantee you at least 1 blogger is influenced from reading your blog and thats all that matter.
    Also another huge one that can give a blogger anxiety is constantly comparing his/her blog to other bloggers. Blogging is not a competition.
    Its a hobby


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