Brain Food…Not Really

This picture of a bowl of oatmeal is what my ten year old daughter requested for breakfast this morning, astonishing isn’t it? I asked my daughter what she would like on her oatmeal, and she eagerly preceded to tell me almond milk, flaxseed, cashews, bananas, blueberries, and chia seeds. After I compiled it all together I stepped back, looked down at it and thought, wow looks delicious! Understand that my daughter knows from attending health seminars and cooking classes with me in the past that this is a power packed breakfast. And in eating this way, it can assist her in achieving or maintaining optimal mental and physical health. It’s what we call “brain food”. Food rich in nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals. For her, consuming this meal meant that she was going to start her day off with the energy and zeal to be her best little self. Now this is a normal daily type of breakfast for her, and I know some may feel that I am depriving my little girl by not letting her experience the sugary cereals with the colorful animated cartoons on the box for breakfast. But I assure you it’s evident in her gobbling up her bowl of healthy goodness in little under 15 minutes that she’s not feeling deprived at all!

Yes, I’m delighted that my young one takes pride in eating healthy, but I got to thinking about this idea of “brain food”. Is food for the brain only to be considered things that we eat? I think not, I’d like to also consider what we “feed” our brain in what we watch, listen to or read. I mean this is elementary and you probably know that by “beholding we become changed” right? This is a concept from the Bible and no I’m not going to preach to you, but I’ m really convinced that this scripture gem is true, and here’s why.

Recently, on my Memories For Tomorrow Instagram page someone made a comment on one of my post about my writing style. After reading their comment I was a bit perplexed because I wasn’t sure if they where giving me a compliment or insulting me. Nevertheless, after reading the comment over and over again, each time chewing on it, swishing the words around in my head, and at last spitting it out thinking yep it was a bit “salty”!

For a moment I allowed this person, who before posting their comment, I never knew existed or had a footprint on this planet, have me question my ability to articulate my own opinion and life experiences on my very own platform! I set stunned, time wasted and forever gone, feeling foolish for thinking I could write. I mean seriously who was I trying to fool? Obviously not this person, I needed to quit while I was ahead, this blogging thing was not for me, I had already failed the gig was up!

In the words of my daughter “GEE WIZ”, how did I go down this rabbit hole of thinking faster than she devoured her healthy breakfast. I mean seriously my blog page is called “Memories For Tomorrow, Do Today What You Want Tomorrow To Remember”! I mean I came up with that catchy slogan it sounds positive enough right? So how did a content creator/blogger like myself with this page title allow someone to question my whole mission and purpose in a matter of seconds? It’s called brain food, I chewed on that persons words entirely too long. It was quickly deteriorating the way I was thinking.

Now realistically as a blogger I anticipate and really welcome honest feedback. And to be fair this persons comment wasn’t horrible I mean it ended with a smiley emoji for goodness sake. Isn’t that the universal sign that we’re good everything is fine? So after 20 minutes I realized I was being ridiculous and that there opinion was just that. I couldn’t allow myself to stay in that place any longer, feeding on those words, allowing the underlying negativity to alter the fantastic course that is set before me.

So yes, I believe “brain food” is more than what we eat for nourishment. Have you had a similar experience, and what would you consider brain food for the soul? Please share your comments below. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Brain Food…Not Really

  1. Such an interesting post and it’s so good that your daughter actually asked for it!! She’s young but she already knows what’s good for her health thanks to you xx
    It looks delicious btw!!!


  2. Thank you for the info as well as the delicious display of “brainfood”! Its truly inspiring to hear that children are choosing healthier, energy packed meals. I love it!

    Liked by 1 person

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