Riding A Rollercoaster And Motherhood

Riding a roller coaster & Motherhood

Memories For Tomorrow

The Webster Dictionary’s definition for Motherhood is the state of being a mother. I looked it up because I was curious as to what Mr. Webster’s opinion of being a mother exactly is.  And with such a short definition I believe that Mr. Webster either has no idea what being a mother entails or clearly understands that no definition would suffice the scope of Motherhood.

Motherhood is not something that women can fully prepare for by reading a book, watching videos, or listening to other stories.    No, motherhood is like a never-ending rollercoaster.   With me I started the adventure with a slow climb, thinking to myself “what did I get myself into,  this is going to be bad; there is a HUGE drop in front of me”. Nevertheless, in preparation for what I felt was ahead, I started telling myself it’s going to be ok, closed my eyes, prayed and grabbed onto any support as I braced for the inevitable.

If Webster would ask me I would say…

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