3 Steps On How To Refine Your Life

Now I know what refine means, but I decided to look it up in the dictionary.  I often refer to the dictionary to get clarity on certain words.  Lord knows no blogger wants to come off sounding ignorant.

For example, the time when you happen to be speaking to someone and they use a word in the wrong context.  You instantly tilt your head and think to yourself “wait what did they just say” I’m confused.  Therefore as elementary, as the word refine is I looked it up, and really took note of the meaning.

Refine – to free from what is imperfect, common, gross, coarse, debasing, low, vulgar, inelegant, rude, clownish and the like; to make elegant; to raise or educate, as the taste; to  culture to; to polish;to improve, as, to refine the manners, taste, language, style, intellect, or moral feelings. ∼ Webster’ New Universal Dictionary Of The English Language


I thought this would be a good opportunity to dissect this definition and examine in what areas I could apply this in my life.  What would it hurt, I mean whose life couldn’t use some refining!

Step 1.  To free from what is imperfect sounds like a lot!

I mean right away I can think of the imperfect way I inhaled a whole box of whoppers candy the other day in about a matter of 30 minutes.  Every fiber of my being knew that gulping down that whole box of candy was going to be imperfectly stored as fat.  Or how about the imperfect way I stay up way too late at night just because I enjoy the peace and quiet of being able to read without any interruptions during that time.

As I continue to examine ways of refining my life it also states to be free from what is common, gross, coarse, debasing, low, vulgar inelegant, rude, clownish and the like.  Praise God I can’t think of anything in my life that meets these criteria but one thing did come to mine, and that is SOCIAL MEDIA! 

One visit to Facebook or Instagram and there you go a plethora of anything from common, gross, coarse, debasing, low, vulgar inelegant, rude, clownish and the like.  Due to these characteristics alone, I have blocked, unfollowed and or deleted people I know from my social media platforms.

I have even gone so far to deactivate my social media accounts so that I don’t have to be subject to any more of the foolery.  However, I do enjoy keeping up with what’s going on with friends and family so eventually, after a well-needed hiatus, I reactivate and re-engage.

Step 2.  To raise or educate, as the taste; culture; to polish; to improve, as to refine the manners, taste, language, style, intellect or moral feelings. 

In reading this I believe this is good sound counsel for everyone.  What I hear speak to me in this is that I can push my life to the next level by continuing to educate myself in the finer things.  Before you go there, this doesn’t mean a luxurious lifestyle.

You must know my family and I choose to live a very simple country life and luxury is far from what we are doing over here.  Furthermore, nowhere in this definition did I read that you’re required to spend loads of money to reach the standards mentioned.  For example, I don’t need any money to read a good old fashioned dictionary and get lost in a sea of fresh words that I am learning; which in turn builds my vocabulary.

This may appear to be an extremely boring activity for some, but I have recently found reading the dictionary fascinating.  Furthermore, by doing this I am improving in the other areas of language and intellect; Winning!

Step 3.  The last area of refinement I will touch on is moral feelings.  

Not being 100% confident what this is alluding to but I imagine it’s referring to spiritual enlightenment. And if I am correct, then YES, if you know me by know you understand that this is at the top of my list of refining my life.  To me, it’s essential to dedicate special time in my day to devotion and prayer.  To start here are 7 Powerful Scriptures To Pray For Your Family.

There it is, refining my life in a nutshell.  Have you found areas in your life that you can refine? If so what are they? Please share by commenting below, thank you!


10 thoughts on “3 Steps On How To Refine Your Life

  1. well done, I like the walk through of covering every area of our lives. I will have to meditate on this one. But the easy one to address is my eating habits… fast food!!! I will return and be more forth coming… thanks for being transparent will has provoked me!


  2. Love this post !

    I definitely KNOW for a fact that there are so many things in my life that need refining (in each category by one way or another) .

    I think us new age or younger generation use another word for refine , and that is growth; I think just about everyday I see someone post something about growth (refine) which definitely tells me that it is significantly craved by a grand majority of people as is necessary !

    But one thing that I also know is that refinement / growth is extremely difficult without someone all knowing and changing on your team. (Atleast in my case) I’ve found that person to be God. So it’s great to see that you incorporate Him within your life daily. I pray that myself and others strive to do the same.


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