4 thoughts on “Decluttering Life

  1. You do not have clutter in your life? Wait until you have to sell your home to move. I soon learned that all the items I once thought were treasures soon became nothing more than clutter I really did not want to pack, find a home for, or even burn! Anything that causes me to stress is shouting there is clutter in my life – and no matter how temporary that clutter may be, I have to deal with it. Clutter I have right now? Excess fabric, teacher materials,
    no longer worn clothing, excess kitchen pots/pans/utensils. books…need I go on? Who does NOT have clutter??? How do you do it???


  2. I find that clutter can refer to mental, physical, or emotional items (clutter) so 1 of my clutter categories

    Decision making .( clutter of the brain )

    What’s the right decision? , what’s wrong?, how do I know ? And finding the courage to make whatever decision and deal with the consequences; hopefully to relieve myself of unnecessary stress and/or anxiety.

    How do you deal with this


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