Memories For Tomorrow

I woke up this morning to a crisp and cool chill in the air.  The ground outside was covered with a fresh powder of frost.  Thinking to myself this is a brand new day to make brand new memories.  If you really think about your day like that, you could actually become excited about all the possibilities that lie ahead of you.  As I sat in the kitchen looking down at my phone and scan the internet to see what the world has been up to during the hours that I slept; I thought to myself what activities I was going to fill my day with.  Oh, I thought about getting out the exercise DVD and doing that.  Then I quickly decided that wasn’t exciting at all.  Then I decided to journal as my husband has been encouraging me to write or to start blogging again.  Quickly, I have this conversation in my head that no one will take an invested interest in visiting my blog page, not to mention find what I write about of any interest to actually read it.  But that voice of reason, speaks to me and brings me to the conclusion to just write and the readers will come.  If I am faithful I will gain a following that will be faithful as well.

As I wrote I remembered the dream I had last night of me going to see an old college classmate and her husband.  As most dreams are, it’s strange due to I am not particular still friends with these individuals or don’t believe I have spoken to them since my college days over 25 years ago.  Therefore, why they made an appearance in my dream I will probably never understand.  In my dream as I was walking off down the driveway and turned around to say goodbye to my college classmate, she looked at me with deep concern on her face and in her voice and said, “you look depressed”.  I remember feeling insulted and stunned that first of all she had the nerve to say that out loud, and most importantly horrified and ashamed that I couldn’t hide the fact that I actually may be going through something unpleasant in my life.

Why didn’t my face and body pretend for me, you know put on a show for everyone? Why did my identity betray me like that?  Aren’t we close, haven’t we been together for a lifetime? Does it not understand that I would like for everyone to believe that I have it all together, and that my life is wonderful, fantastic and that I couldn’t be happier! As I responded to the rude suggestion that I could possibly be none the happier I stated confidently, that I was just tired.  Unfortunately, I knew as I walked away from that she wasn’t buying it.  It was like she could hear every thought that was spinning in my head and written on my heart. Who was I kidding, I wasn’t fooling her or anybody else for that matter.

Now as I stated this was a dream I had last night but isn’t this how it is for so many people in life?  We walk around wanting to portray this persona that life is great! When I know that this isn’t true, it can’t be with so much misery, heartache, and meanness in the world.  My demeanor knew it and decided to tell on me.  Waking up from most of my dreams I fail to remember any of the details, but this one I did not forget.  Maybe because it was telling or maybe not.

That is why waking up to a new day is exciting because everyone can start over, with a new slate to write on with new memories for tomorrow, Wow!  Memories For Tomorrow, wow could this be the title to my book?  Until then I decided to title my blog page Memories for Tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Memories For Tomorrow

  1. Sometimes life has twists and turns we just want to see straight. There is mystery, joy, tears, so much on each path! Let stumbling blocks become stepping stones lifting us higher. Let the hitching posts of the past become guidelines. Remember the road we are on is challenging, but its destination Is glorious!


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