Why Blog?


If you have purposely or by chance made it to my page, WELCOME!  My desire is that while reading my post you find areas that you can identify with, appreciate and share with others.  Every post on my website is original and written by me; my goal here is to create a blogging community where we can encourage and inspire one another to be intentional in creating for ourselves meaningful Memories For Tomorrow.

As far back as I can remember I think I have always tried to find ways to express myself in a carefree way.  But just as far back  I also remember being a bit apprehensive of putting myself out there and sharing my thoughts with others.   A few years ago I decided to put all my reservations aside and start blogging.   Since then I have dabbled with creating a couple of blog pages, but have found that either not many people read my content, or I lost the zeal to be consistent in posting.  So here I am again; however, this time it feels a bit different.  Some may wonder what’s different for me this go around?  It’s simply the right time, along with the fact that I’ve grown to appreciate the truth that if no one else but me visits my page, I would have to be absolutely ok with that.  Nevertheless, more than anything I just really enjoy writing!

When I look at other blogs, admiring the content and format, I naturally believe that my blogging platform could be just as fantastic, dare I say maybe even better.  Excited, as I write these words down, flowing effortlessly through my mind, resolved to be consistent in posting, I feel extremely motivated, but with my track record naturally somewhat skeptical.

What will I write about?  I’m an Afro-Euro American woman in her late 40’s.  A wife to a very handsome and supportive man for over 25 years.  Have been blessed with the honor of given birth to three beautiful girls.  Taken on several different careers in my lifetime and have met scores of interesting people.  I have done a bit of traveling but not enough to call myself “traveled”.  I enjoy doing many things but cannot pinpoint one particular hobby.  I have a bucket list that hangs in the space between my ears.  A list that I rarely think about accomplishing, but have no doubt that with determination, following through with the items on this list is not so far-fetched.

I have dreams that I wouldn’t call dreams, but thoughts.  Dreaming means that you wake up, and with the passing of time, the dream fades away from our memory as most dreams do.  Thoughts are a bit more concrete or solid. We are always thinking each waking hour of the day.  So thoughts don’t vanish they continue.  My thoughts are forever with me, never to fade but ever present, available to put into words to share for growth and inspiration.

Why blog, why not?  Recording thoughts and ideas that are influenced by my unique experiences in time past, present and anticipated future is what brings me to the starting line each and every time!


4 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. So appreciate your encouragement to avoid binging on “How to Be a Successful Blogger” books and online sites. I’ve bought so many of those books, and each book refers me to another book or author I need to read. My head is spinning. Sometimes I think the more I read, the less confident I am that I can write anything worth reading. But I cannot “not” write. So I push forward! Thanks for giving me a little push.

    Also, thanks for liking my comment on one of Rosesatdawn’s posts.

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