Country Living What I’ve Learned So Far

My family and I moved to a rural area in Arkansas. Well, it’s been 6 months since we relocated here.  It has been a journey, to say the least, but I felt for my own sense of growth and accomplishment I thought it would be important to document the 11 things I’ve learned so far:

#1. If you do not have a love for every blasted insect, cricket (is that an insect), bug, mosquito, and or ant, before moving to the country, please understand that the country may NOT be the place you should consider moving; UNTIL you come to peace with the fact that these creatures will become part of your everyday life.  Oh, wait I need to add spiders and black wasp to the list.   Before moving here 2 weeks ago I would say that I was a bit or a lot squeamish when it came to anything that crawled outside of a baby.  But now when insects or creepy crawly critters are in my space I roll my eyes, annihilate, and keep it moving.

#2 Clean car …hahaha yeah ok. No more keeping your car clean.  Normally living in rural areas you have to travel a bit to get to a store other than Dollar General or Walmart.  Which means your car will always house dead bugs on your front grill and dust and dirt kicked up by 18 wheeler trucks driving alongside you on the highway or hey just driving down the dusty road going to your country home.

#3 Your neighbors are actually pretty friendly.  I mean no one has invited us to dinner or anything but a lot have invited us to church.  Which brings me to #4

#4 Don’t try to get anyone to do any work for you on Sundays in the country.  As you can see on the pictures above we are renovating our home and to get a handyman to work on a Sunday..hahaha ok.  I am a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian and my primary purpose in life is to share Christ with those who don’t know him.  But goodness I can’t get it out fast enough before the folks in this town beat me to it.  In the 2 weeks, I have been here I have been asked “have I’ve found a church yet” more than I have ever been asked anywhere else I’ve ever lived.

#5 Crime rate is very low…Praise God on this one (I haven’t actually seen the local news or read the local newspaper yet).  But what kind of crime could there possibly be here, I mean are there still cattle and chicken thieves??

#6 Cow Manure or dung whichever you prefer to call it. Let’s say I pray I never get used to the smell.  I thank Jesus that our property is not surrounded by a cow pasture because I don’t understand how folks who have cows get used to the smell.  But living in the country you will have to endure it at times so just be aware.

#7 The scenery is beautiful and peaceful if nothing else this makes it all worth it.  Being able to look out of our country home (when it’s finished) to beautiful green pasture and open blue skies is just so worth it to me.

#8  Those in town who have asked want to know WHY we have moved here.  LOL, this one makes me chuckle every-time.  Their investigative looks lead me to believe that they are thinking of my family and how we must be in the witness protection program or something.  Because most of those asking having grown up here know there aren’t any jobs worth moving to this town for.  No, seriously all the people I’ve met love this little town.

#9 Oh yeah not many jobs in rural areas.  I knew moving here I would not be working but if you are expecting to move to the country and find a nice paying job.  Well, you just haven’t done enough research.

#10 High-speed internet is a thing of the past if you live in a rural area.  I know, I know, how will we survive! I am being sarcastic in saying that by the way.

#11 It is just such a lovely and slower way of living.  It does so much for my spirit, yes there are adjustments to be made, but to me again it’s worth it.

So this about sums it up of what I have learned so far moving to the country.  Our home is still in the renovation process so right now we are staying with some friends.  Hopefully, soon we will be able to move into our humble home and really settle in here.

Thank you to those of you who are reading my blog post and staying up with us.  God Bless you and much love sent from our home to yours.

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