5 Tips On How To Be Happy

IMG_03761. Do not log onto any form of social media first thing upon awakening from a nights rest. Reflecting on what others look like, their possessions, successes or distresses tend to set you up to meet unreasonable expectations. Subconsciously you will feel you are not measuring up or overwhelmed to others problems that you are not in a position to help or change.

2. Spend at least 30 minutes each day in the early morning hours in a quiet setting by yourself, reading the Bible and praying to God (Jesus) asking Him to direct your path as you press forward, and to place upon your heart specifically who you can be a blessing to that day. It is a well-known fact that focusing on helping others takes your mind off worries you may have about your own life, and in turn makes you feel pretty terrific.

3. Bake something yummy for yourself and others.

4. Find ways every day to walk to where you need to get to.  Daily exercise is an important ingredient to happiness.  However, most of us are extremely busy and find it difficult to carve out an exercise routine every day. Therefore, parking further away when going into work, the grocery or retail shops, along with passing by the elevator and taking the steps, will help get in more daily exercise with little extra effort of having to fit it into your busy schedule.

5.  Share these few short tips to happiness with others each day.

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